Chronic Kidney Disease Patient Improve His Chances Of Finding Kidney Donor And It Pays Off Big Time




Typically, Kidney Donation is not a very romantic subject. However, according to ABC News, Ashley McIntyre donated her kidney to a total stranger with Chronic Kidney Disease in January 2014, and now a year later she is engaged to her Kidney Recipient and the pair is expecting a child in June. Now, that's a story of love and inspiration! A perfect fit for Valentine's Day, wouldn't you agree?  

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What is most exciting and inspiring about Ashley and her Kidney Recipient turned Fiancé, Brandon Robinson's, journey is that they were complete strangers who found one another through word of mouth. In fact, Ashley learned about Brandon's need after over hearing her mother and grandmother having a conversation about what they heard on the radio. 

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ABC News reported that Ashley soon discovered that the then stranger, Brandon, recently lost his father to brain cancer, and in a string of terrible life occurrences - his house burned down on Christmas Day of 2011. Friends, it was that quick for a Chronic Kidney Disease patient to find a Living Kidney Donor. Ashley understood Brandon's story and his need for a Living Kidney Donor, and it was the next day that she went to see if she was an eligible match. "The rest is history," as they say. 

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This should serve as a story of inspiration to encourage Chronic Kidney Disease patients who are looking for their special Living Kidney Donor to not only ask their close family and friends to consider donation, but also share their stories with as wide an audience as possible so that they too, like Brandon, may improve their chances of receiving a life-saving Kidney Transplant from others who learn about their need. They may find that they receive additional benefits including lasting relationships as well. 

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