Chronic Kidney Disease And Dialysis Patient Refuses To Be Silent About Need For Kidney Donor



There are well over 100,000 patients on the Kidney Transplant waiting list with nearly 5,000 patients dying before ever receiving a call. While the Transplant Centers work diligently, the surge of demand for kidney transplants, decreased availability of deceased (dead) donors, and rule changes are making the wait-time for a kidney on the list almost unbearable. New research suggests wait-times are exceeding a decade in some areas of the country and kidneys from the list are becoming very difficult for those over the age of 50-years-old to obtain. While the picture may seem a bit bleak, one salvation is Living Kidney Donation. Dr. Stuart Himmelstein refuses to just wait silently for a lifesaving kidney, and he is setting an example that many other patients are beginning to follow.

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Dr. Himmelstein is a Primary Physician that has one goal: Receive a Kidney Transplant so that he can get back to a more normal life and help even more people. A current member of the Find A Kidney Donor Program, the good doctor has tried all kinds of outlets to get his need to a wider audience of people. He is greatly increasing his odds of finding kind-hearted potential donors. Learn more about Dr. Stuart Himmelstein and ways that you can be more successful with your outreach by watching the below video:

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