Chronic Kidney Disease And Diabetic Patients' Knee Pain Can Be An Indicator Of Major Health Concern

We chose to highlight this topic because more research is revealing complications in those with Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetes with regard to knee pain and replacement. For example, a viewer posed the following question:

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"I am writing you in regard to my father who is on Dialysis and has Diabetes. Lately he has been having very bad pain in his knees and is considering a knee replacement . I want to check with you about what could the effects that knee replacement will have on him and if it's safe to go for the knee replacement?"

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Are you experiencing knee pain? If so, you are in good company. Whether you have Chronic Kidney Disease, Diabetes or both diseases, most experience severe knee pain at some point in time. Why? In the case of Chronic Kidney Disease patients, the answer is often Amyloidosis (build-up of protein). It is caused by the build-up of a protein (Amyloid) in joints which is not easily removed by Dialysis. Hence, it is deposited all over the body, leading to joint and bone pain. 

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Although there is no specific treatment for this complication, improved Dialysis cleaning has shown positive results. So talk to your Healthcare Team to see if there is any way to improve your Dialysis treatment such as increased time. 

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Furthermore, Renal Bone Disease is another major cause of bone pain in patients with kidney failure, while knee and joint pain in Diabetics is often a result of Diabetic Neuropathy. This nerve disorder is induced by high sugar levels and might have indicators like painful sensations, prickling, or numbness, loss of feeling-in the hands, legs, limbs, and knees. Does that sound familiar?

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Talk to your Doctor if you believe that you're suffering from Diabetic Neuropathy. The foremost treatment is to bring blood sugar levels into your recommended range. Close blood sugar monitoring, proper meal preparation, adequate physical exercise, and following prescribed diabetes medications will all assist in you in controlling your blood sugar levels. You should act promptly because if damage continues, it can result in amputation.

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In serious cases, full knee replacement may be necessary for you to lead a full, high quality life, absent of continued severe pain. In which case, Kidney Disease patients should note Dialysis and kidney transplantation adversely impact the outcome of total joint surgery. Complications including infection, and death have been reported. You should not interpret that it should not be done, just talk to your Nephrologists about less drastic options first, and get a second opinion if necessary. If you have no choice other than joint replacement, ask how to best limit your risks. 

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