Certain Phosphate Binders Increase Risk of Heart Attack and Death Among CKD Patients

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Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients who regularly take Calcium based Phosphate Binders have a 22 percent increased risk of death, says a new study published in The Lancet. If you have CKD then your lack of kidney function prevents you from being able to release excess Phosphate (hyperphosphatemia). Thus, Phosphate binders are critical for your health because they prevent your body from absorbing extra phosphate in the intestines which can lead to a build up, resulting in weaker bones, bone pain, hormone problems and bone growth in soft tissues.

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Calcium based binders are an effective treatment to prevent Phosphorus build-up but Aluminum based binders are recommended to be tried first. Extra calcium in your bloodstream can harden your arteries and make it difficult for blood to flow through them. This can induce heart disease, a heart attack and death.

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Doctors commonly prescribe calcium supplements to prevent elevated phosphate levels so you may be confused about why they have now become dangerous?  Well, a growing number of studies are proving that calcium supplements may increase your risk of death. You have an option in choosing a Calcium based supplement over other Phosphate based binders such as Aluminum. KidneyBuzz.com encourages you to ask your Nephrologist, dietitian, or pharmacist about options for Phosphate Binders that are most effective for you.

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