Candy Can Reduce the Pain Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Suffer During Dialysis Treatments

On the Facebook Fan Page a viewer asked, "What kind of Candy does everybody bring with them to reduce the pain during Dialysis, especially when first being put on? I like to bring Gummy Bears." Some responses included, "Sweet tarts or red licorice" and " lemon or cinnamon jolly ranchers or blow pops."

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You may already know that many Chronic Kidney Disease patients who conduct Dialysis suck on hard candies during their treatments to minimize feeling thirsty, but how about using candies during Dialysis sessions to reduce pain? Moreover, do candies even reduce pain at all, and if so what candies are the most effective?

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Studies have actually shown that sucking on hard candy can blunt pain., for instance, suggested that some candy can be used to dull aches and pains, "It may inhibit nerves that react to painful stimuli (stimulation)," they wrote. This is not a new concept, right? For years the protocol in many Pediatric (doctors for adolescent patients) Practices has been to give out candy after kids get their shots. Hence beyond directly inhibiting the nerves, sucking on a lollipop, hard candy, or chewing gum can simply serve as a good distraction. 

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Of course being stuck by a Dialysis needle is much more painful an lasting than an immunization shot; that is a given. Yet the same idea still applies. Many sources suggest that sour candy may offer the most "pain relief," but you may choose from the list of Kidney Friendly candies as follows: Sweetharts, Jolly Ranchers, LifeSavers, Lemonheads (sour), Candy canes (peppermint), Sugar free hard candy (ideal for people with diabetes), Charms (sour balls), Lollipops (Dum Dum Pops or Charms lollipops), Smarties, Runts, Mike and Ikes, Gumdrops, Jelly beans, Gummy Bears and fruit slices, Starbursts, Hot Tamales, Now and Laters, and Jawbreakers just to name a few. 

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You should know that peppermint-flavored candy can also be used to reduce aches and pains, and has also been known to soothe an uncomfortable sore throat or ease an upset stomach. The key here is not to go overboard. Only eat hard candy as necessary to serve as a small distraction and ease pain. 

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Talk with your Healthcare Team about the best way to safely incorporate this strategy into your unique dietary plan. For the most breaking daily news and information about how Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetic patients can better manage their lives - visit your most trusted resource,, every day! 

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