Can You Believe The Major Renal Diet Changes Being Recommended By Leading Dialysis Professionals?

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This New Year is beginning with major changes for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients, especially those with End Stage Renal Disease who conduct dialysis. Leading Professions, including those at the second Largest Dialysis Organization (LDO) in the United States, DaVita Inc., are recommending a "Liberalization of renal diet plans" which may include increasing whole grains, fluid intake, potassium, protein as well as sodium free processed food, and improving patient personal health education.

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Whole Grains: Newly released research suggests phosphorus content listed on food labels are not the only factor that determine the product's  true phosphorus content. The presence of phosphate additives (phytates) and other compounds that bind to phosphorus  foods once considered "kidney-friendly" may actually have high levels of hidden phosphorus. Thus, it is recommended that CKD patients and their Dietitians look, "at each food and its composition to determine  health benefits instead of relying on listed  phosphorus alone." 

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In fact, although whole grain is typically considered to be a high-phosphorus food, Davita notes that the new research findings will cause "a shift in kidney diet recommendations" for whole grains from the "blanket restrictions" that are now in practice.   

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Fluid Intake and Mineral Balance: Confusion around what to limit or include based on stages of CKD has resulted in some patients not consuming the right amounts of fluid, potassium or protein. Many may unnecessarily limit beneficial fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains or even fluid. Those on dialysis can experience a more liberal diet and improve their quality of life by determining the best treatment for themselves. Davita plans to work with and educate their patients in developing treatments more conducive to less restrictive diets while still meeting their health objectives. Supporting the long held belief that more frequent dialysis opens the door to a more liberal diet. 

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Sodium Free Processed Food: Food manufacturers have committed to improving consumer health by reducing the sodium in processed foods. While it is great for CKD and dialysis patients to have so many more food choices available to them, they should be aware of the use of potassium chloride in low-sodium foods. The use of potassium chloride is anticipated to increase in 2014, so if you are abiding by a potassium restricted diet, you should avoid products that list potassium chloride as an ingredient. 

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There will be a continued push in 2014 for food processing manufacturers to label potassium and phosphorus content. will continue to keep you posted with breaking news and information daily which improves your quality of life and assists you in getting a transplant sooner. We sincerely thank all of our viewers for their fervent support and ask that you continue to freely share our articles and tell your friends about Visit us daily, like our Facebook Page and Follow us on Twitter to get the "inside scoop" about how to live better with CKD while waiting for your transplant, if that is your desire. Also, visit the NEW Shop section for must have products (more products coming soon). 

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