Busting Stereotypical Myths Which CKD Patients And Donors Hold That Prevent Kidney Transplantations

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Correcting stereotypical myths about Kidney Transplantation is critical to increase Kidney Donations and save the lives of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients. The following are common myths surrounding Kidney Donation. By arming yourself with these facts you can better educate potential donors which will increase your chances of receiving a Kidney Transplant much sooner.

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Myth #1: "My religion does not approve of donation" 

Fact: The United Network of Organ Sharing notes that all major organized religions support Kidney Donation, typically considering it a generous act that is the individual's choice. 

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Myth #2: "If I'm in an accident and the hospital knows I want to be a donor, the doctors won't try to save my life!"

Fact: If you are sick or injured and admitted to the hospital, the number one priority will still be to save your life. The medical team treating you is separate from the transplant team. The team coordinating the Kidney Donation is not notified until all lifesaving efforts have failed and death has been determined. The transplant team would not be notified until your family has consented to donation.

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Myth #3: "I have a history of medical illness. You would not want my organs or tissues."

Fact: At the time of death, the team that coordinates donation will review medical and social histories to determine donor suitability on a case-by-case basis. Many diseases that were once considered to exclude kidney donation are no longer considered a barrier. Examples include hepatitis and diabetes.

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Myth #4: "I am not the right age for donation."

Fact: Age limits for kidney donation no longer exist. Organs may be donated from someone as young as a newborn and as old as 90. In fact recently, kidneys are more commonly donated by people in their 70's.

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Myth #5: "I heard that they take everything, even if I only want to donate my kidneys."

Fact: If you specify that you only want to donate your kidneys, your wishes will be followed.

Myth #6: "Kidney donation will mean that my body will be mutilated and treated poorly."

Fact: Donated kidneys are removed surgically, in a routine operation similar to gallbladder or appendix removal. Kidney Donation does not disfigure the body or change the way it looks in a casket. Normal funeral arrangements will be possible.

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Myth #7: "Rich and famous people get moved to the top of the waiting list, while 'regular' people have to wait a long time for a transplant."

Fact: The kidney allocation and distribution system is blind to name, celebrity, social status, or wealth. When you are on the transplant waiting list for a donor kidney, what really counts is the severity of your illness, time spent waiting, blood type, and other important medical information. While many cases of celebrities receiving Kidney Transplants are reported by the media, celebrities have to wait in line just like everyone else or obtain a donor kidney. It is often forgotten that some celebrities have died waiting in line for a Kidney Transplant. 

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Understanding the myths around Kidney Transplantation before talking to potential donors could make all the difference in you receiving a Kidney Transplant much sooner. KidneyBuzz.com will continue to keep you informed about ways in which you can gain an advantage on getting your Kidney Transplant faster and live better while on dialysis. Do not forget to visit our Shop section and support us by making a purchase. Follow us on Twitter and Like our Facebook Fan Page so you can get this type of  news coverage daily. 

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