Brother's Kidney Donation Allows CKD Recipient To Lead Fulfilling Life - Gaining National Attention



Featured On Entertainment and Sports Programming Network's (ESPN's) Flagship Program - Sports Center - Chevi Peters found true strength as a 2015 Special Olympics World Games Gold Medal Winner. Yet, it is the strength of his brother, Jarrett Peters, who stepped forward as Chevi's Living Kidney Donor that is most compelling. Chevi said about his brother, "I thank him for giving me his kidney, and the gift of life. Without him, I do not know where I would be." Jarrett and Chevi are now very prominent examples of how safe and powerful Living Kidney Donation can be, and how impactful it is on a Chronic Kidney Disease and/or Dialysis patient's life.

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As seen in the video at two (2) minutes and forty (40) seconds, Jarrett seems healthy and he is also married and has a child, according to Hence, donating a kidney to his brother, Chevi, did not cause Jarrett's life to be hindered. In an interview Jarrett noted, "I didn't want to be that brother that saw his younger brother struggle through those processes of trying to find a kidney and the Dialysis and - you know - possibly even lose his life. That's not where I was wanting to go." 

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Clearly, while Chevi's story and triumph is currently inspiring people across the nation, Chevi's true hero is his brother, Jarrett, who allowed him to fulfill his potential and achieve the dreams and goals of which he knew he was capable. Therefore, by Chevi sharing his story on such a public forum as Sports Center (88 million viewers per month) and other news outlets, he is clearly raising awareness about the life changing power of Kidney Donation, especially Living Kidney Donation.

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Given Chevi's challenges beyond his Chronic Kidney Disease (liver disease, liver failure, stroke, brain surgery and multiple other surgeries), imagine what kind of difference YOU could make given the opportunity of connecting with a matching Living Kidney Donor and receiving a Kidney Transplant. I encourage you to watch Chevi's full nine (9) minute and six (6) second video which is heartwarming and inspiring. However, do not stop there. Share this article with your family members and friends on Facebook and via other social platforms (twitter, email, and word of mouth). Friends, with more than 4,500 Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients dying every year while awaiting a Kidney Transplant, more people must become aware of the fact that Living Kidney Donation is safe for the Donor and often greatly improves the Recipient's quality of life.

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