Improved Immunosuppressant Medication Is Found To Cut Risks & Improve Transplanted Kidney Survival

You may have heard that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the drug Belatacept (Nulojix) for the prevention of Kidney Transplant Rejection. However, Belatacept is not just "another medication," it is now replacing other common Immunosuppressant Medications and is expected to reduce daily Kidney Transplant Pill burden; be less toxic to the heart, nervous system and Transplanted Kidney; and "achieve a normal life span for Kidney Transplant patients, and have them survive Dialysis-free," said  Dr. Christian Larsen ( Executive Director of the Emory Transplant Center).

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Emory University suggested that, "This is the first time a new class of drugs has been developed for transplant since the 1990s." Administered only once a month via Intravenous (IV) Therapy, Belatacept simplifies the Kidney Transplant process by significantly cutting necessary medication regimens. 

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Most Chronic Kidney Disease patients know that over time, the body rejects kidneys that are not a perfect match. In fact, the National Kidney Foundation noted, "rejection is the most common and important complication that may occur after receiving a Kidney Transplant." Basically, since you were not born with your Transplanted Kidney, your body will think this new tissue is “foreign” and will try to protect you by “attacking” it. According to the National Kidney Foundation, that is why Anti–rejection (Immunosuppressant) Medications decrease the body’s natural immune response to a “foreign” substance such as a Transplanted Kidney to prevent rejection. 

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Physicians such as Kidney Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Margaret Bia are calling the treatment, “Newer and better immune drugs that prevent the body from rejecting the organ, but also don’t have the side effects.” Hence, unlike almost all other Immunosuppressant Medications currently available, Belatacept, does not seem to lead to High Blood Pressure and Diabetes.

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Already, Kidney Transplant Patients such as John Lavin (second time Kidney Transplant Recipient) have credited IV Anti-rejection Medications such as Belatacept with improved health outcomes. WTNH News reported that John's, "health has improved since going on the IV Anti-rejection Kidney Drug. His cholesterol and sugar levels have come down and he is no longer on Diabetes medication." Isn't that wonderful?

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