Brain Fog And Indecisiveness Associated With Dialysis: How Can Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Cope?

A viewer wrote to and said, "What can I do about this Dialysis Fog? I feel extremely mentally cloudy after my treatment and terribly indecisive. I used to be so clear thinking and loved to take charge. Now little decisions feel like huge life decisions. It is really impacting my quality of life and sometimes I just feel like breaking down and giving up."

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First, is always an advocate for Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetic patients continuing the fight against their Disease(s) and NEVER giving up. As you likely know mental fogginess is a side effect of Dialysis, and it is most common among patients who conduct In Center Hemodialysis three times weekly. 

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Also referred to as the "blahs," mental fogginess can affect Dialysis patients' overall quality of life, causing indecisiveness, forgetfulness, fatigue and make patients feel physically and emotionally worn down. Have you ever felt like that, and has it increased the difficulty of you engaging in common every day necessary activities such as remembering names, organizing your schedule, finding the "right" word to completes sentences, or even forgetting to take your prescribed medication on time? If so, you should know that NxStage Medical Inc. noted that, "studies suggest that patients switching to daily Home Hemodialysis had significant improvements in these mental and physical quality of life scores compared to when they were on In Center Dialysis." 

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Although, it is a radical decision which only some will make - switching to Home Hemodialysis has also proven to reduce the risk of hospitalization and death, according to NxStage. Still, less drastic measures include: (1) Telling someone your plans so they can help you remember, (2) Using plenty of sticky-note reminders, (3) Setting alarms on your cell phone during days you feel more mentally alert so you do not forget important dates/times, (4) Creating lists (write things down as soon as possible so you do not forget them) (5) Attempting to focus on only one thing at a time, (6) Sending yourself text message reminders, (7) Limiting stress by getting as much sleep as you can.

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Try to avoid blaming or judging yourself too harshly when you forget things or become indecisive. Simply remind yourself that it is NOT your fault. To help improve your Dialysis Treatment outcomes, click here to order your Dialysis Specific Multivitamin, MV-One Plus which according to some Nephrologists and patients, "Reduces Chronic Inflammation, increases Hemoglobin and lowers the need for Epogen." Also, visit every day for the most Breaking News & Information about how Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetics can better manage their lives. 

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