Bioengineered Blood Vessels For CKD Patients To Replace Fistulas Are Still Safe And Effective



A viewer wrote, "I would like an update on the Off-The-Shelf Fistula that you all wrote about previously. Have there been any further updates? Dialysis has been very hard and I have gone through three Dialysis Access Sites in the past year due to failure, accidental damage, and clotting. I am hoping for a better option." was one of the first organizations to report on the Off-The-Shelf  Bioengineered Blood Vessels which Chronic Kidney Disease patients may find more convenient than traditional Hemodialysis Access options such as the Arteriovenous (AV) Fistula or the synthetic graft. Hemodialysis patients represent approximately 95% of all patients on Dialysis, and with this new device, they would not have to contend with the severe stress and uncertainty that comes with an Arteriovenous (AV) Fistula (may not mature after surgery) or Fistula Graft (said to have a lifespan of approximately two to three years) by using a new Biologically Engineered, Off-The-Shelf vein. Well, one year after implantation into Dialysis patients, the Bioengineered Blood Vessels still are proving to be safe and effective, suggested findings from Yale University.

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Researchers at Yale University and Duke University along with leading surgeons created man-made blood vessels specifically for Chronic Kidney Disease patients on Dialysis which appeared to be both safe and more durable than commonly used synthetic versions, according to To be more specific, the durability of Bioengineered Blood Vessels at one year was 90% compared to the historically 60% rate of synthetic grafts. Also, due to the fact that these vessels contain no living cells, patients have no risk of rejecting the artificial vein which can be used without any waiting period. Now that is what calls a "win-win-win" situation. 

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Additionally, the researchers noted that after implantation, the bioengineered vessels had been repopulated with the patient’s own cells. "This is regenerative medicine in the truest sense,” said Dr. Laura Niklason (Yale University). This could have implications for regenerative medicine more broadly and completely transform care for Chronic Kidney  Disease and Dialysis patients.

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