Best Kidney Transplant Centers In The United States For Living Kidney Donation To CKD And Dialysis Patients



With over 100,000 patients on the Kidney Transplant Waiting List, the idea of waiting for 5 to 7 years or more for a Kidney Transplant can be daunting for most Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients. However, when a Chronic Kidney Disease or Dialysis patient receives a Kidney Transplant from a Living Kidney Donor, the wait time for a transplant is potentially shorter and the transplant can be scheduled. This allows for donations to take place when the recipient is in good health and when it is convenient for both the donor and the recipient, such as summer vacation or winter break. Also, long-term kidney survival is markedly improved among patients who receive a Kidney Transplant from a Living Kidney Donor as compared with patients who have a Deceased Kidney Donor. The following are a list of Transplant Centers that have been known to have a very good track-record for Living Kidney Donation for Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients: 

University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB): 50 years after conducting its first Kidney Transplant Surgery, the  University of Alabama at Birmingham leads the way when it comes to Living Kidney Donation. With a world-renowned Kidney Transplant Team and creative Living Kidney Donation Programs, UAB has helped thousands of patients successfully receive their Living Kidney Donor. UAB holds the record of the longest Living Kidney Donor Transplant Chain in the world with well over 88 total transplants performed in the single chain and a goal of 100 Living Kidney Transplant from the same Chain Donation. 

Johns Hopkins University: As a world-class institution, Johns Hopkins was the first to perform a Kidney Transplant operation in Maryland in 1968. Ever since then, the University has sought to perfect treatment solutions to help patients with High Antibodies receive Kidney Transplants from Living Kidney Donors and most recently was the first Transplant Center in the U.S. to be approved for Living Donor HIV-positive to HIV-positive Kidney Transplants. It continues to trail-blaze procedures that make Living Kidney Donation an option for older patients as well as Donor-Recipients with different blood types. 

University Of California Los Angeles (UCLA): While the University Of California Los Angeles has one of the longest Kidney Transplant Waiting Lists in the nation (7 to 10+ years wait time) it has pioneered new options to help limit wait times via Living Kidney Donation. One of its most impressive programs is the Voucher Donation Program which allows Living Kidney Donors to donate ahead of their desired recipient's need so once their loved one, friend or stranger recipient needs a transplant, they have a voucher to go to the top of the list and receive one much sooner. This allows the Living Kidney Donor to donate while in good health and the recipient to know that they will receive a kidney much faster when they need it in the future. 

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If you do not have anyone who is willing to serve as your potential Living Kidney Donor or your possible donors are not eligible, then click here to join the Find A Kidney Donor Program to help improve your chances of connecting with possible altruistic (selfless) Living Kidney Donors. 

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