Be on the Lookout for Infections During Nocturnal Home HD


Nocturnal home hemodialysis (NHD) is associated with an increased risk of bacteremia and other infections, according to study findings presented to the National Kidney Foundation.

A retrospective analysis from the University Health Network-Toronto General Hospital between January 2006 and December 2011 found that bacteremia occurs in 10% of NHD patients per year while all other infections occur in less than 5% per year.

The study, led by Marisa Battistella, PharmD, and colleagues at the University of Toronto, included 141 patients who had a culture and sensitivity sample drawn. Of the 141 patients, 64 had a total of 187 infections over the six-year period. Bacteremia occurred in about 12 patients per year. Other common infections included exit site and urinary tract infections, both of which occurred in fewer than five patients per year.

“Patients need reminders of proper vascular care so that they do not become complacent which can lead to infections – specifically bacteremia,” Dr. Battistella said.

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