Artificial Wearable Kidney Results Offer Great News: Functions Like Normal Kidneys, No Restrictions



News released by large media outlets such as Cable News Network (CNN) and Medscape suggested great progress is being made with the development of the Artificial Wearable Kidney. "We encouraged patients to eat bananas and mashed potatoes and drink orange juice, (and) they enjoyed ice cream and cheesecake which they couldn't before," said Lead Researcher, Dr. Victor Gura (University of California, Los Angeles). During the 24 hour Human Trials the Artificial Wearable Kidney removed water and salts from the blood at the same rate as healthy kidneys, and patients did not complain of discomfort or experience side effects. Are you getting excited about this breakthrough?

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Some Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients suggested, "There is no way I would ever wear that device, it is too heavy." Others noted, "Can you sleep in that thing?" Well, given the feedback, the Artificial Wearable Kidney Team is actively working to make the ten (10) pound device a lighter five (5) pound machine. Also, "Participants in the current and previous trials were able to sleep with the devices, and should be able to take showers and carry out other normal activities," said Dr. Gura.

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Given the "green light" for Human Trials last year, the Artificial Wearable Kidney is moving forward rapidly. "I was very frustrated -- I still am -- because for decades, we've been doing Dialysis with big machines that prolong the life of the patient a little bit ... and in addition, they have a lousy quality of life," the good doctor Gura mentioned in an interview with CNN. Well, the Artificial Wearable Kidney is expected to change traditional Dialysis and reduce many of the complications that make Chronic Kidney Disease patients sick in order to give them back their full quality of life.

The Artificial Wearable Kidney is expected to be worn around a Dialysis patient's waist and connected to a large vein in the body via a catheter. Users would have to remove the Artificial Kidney device from the catheter once a week "to replace the filter and add chemicals once per day to purify the water that is filtered out." Aside from those steps, the Artificial Wearable Kidney is expected to "take care of itself, running on 9-volt batteries." The Researchers suggested, "The Artificial Wearable Kidney can't be removed; it is intended to be permanent , and functioning 24/7, exactly like your natural kidney. You can take a shower, but not immerse in water."

The findings were the result of a small, unpublished trial which was presented at the American Society of Nephrology. Still, the United States Food And Drug Administration (FDA) supports the advancement of the Wearable Artificial Kidney. In fact, it was reported that the FDA "announced last month that it would expedite the approval of the device once studies are able to demonstrate safety and efficacy (effectiveness)." 

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The largest obstacle which the Artificial Wearable Kidney Research Team is facing is having the device run continuously without stopping. Still, there is much hope to be had that the device will be successful. Some patients have mentioned the following: 

  • Mikkel Christensen: "Fantastic great news guys! Just what we all are waiting for." 
  • Jennifer Scott-Vogel : "Praying this becomes available sooner rather than later!"
  • Shannon McMichael: "Thank you to all the people working behind the scenes to make this innovative technology available to all the people suffering with ESRD."

What do you think of the Artificial Wearable Kidney? Are you excited about the progress? Share this article with family and friends in the community so that they too may be able to remain informed and hopeful about wonderful breakthroughs such as the Wearable Artificial Kidney. If you would like to know more about how to be consider for the additional upcoming Human Trials for this device as is informed, then complete the below form.

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