Artificial Wearable Kidney - An Alternative To Traditional Dialysis - Is Put On Hold Due To Lack Of Funding




Over 600,000 Chronic Kidney Disease patients are conducting Dialysis in the United States. Many find Dialysis to be difficult and extremely restrictive. The Artificial Wearable Kidney took the Chronic Kidney Disease Community by storm because successful Human Trials proved that the wearable device would allow patients to be mobile and untethered while conducting Dialysis as well as offer patients more energy and no Renal (Kidney) diet or fluid restrictions. Although it has a few technical challenges such as weight and size of the device, it was expected to hit the market for Dialysis patient use within two to three years. Well now the Chronic Kidney Disease Community, especially Dialysis patients, are offered somber news with exclusively reporting that the Artificial Wearable Kidney Research Team does not have enough funding to complete testing and bring the device to market. 

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Developed by Lead Researcher, Dr. Jonathan Himmelfarb (Director of the Kidney Research Institute at the University of Washington), the Artificial Wearable Kidney technology sought to become the most readily available alternative to traditional Hemodialysis. After human trials, patients were very smitten with the Wearable Artificial Kidney. One patient that was selected for Human Trials said, "I was amazed how well it worked!" Another gleeful patient noted, "I didn't feel like I was through with this world. I wanted to do more, and I think that this device will help." 

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When inquired about the time frame that the Artificial Wearable Kidney would be available for Dialysis patients, we were notified by members of Dr. Himmelfarb's team that, "Unfortunately, we are still trying hard to raise the necessary funds that are needed in order to continue the clinical trials. Once we raise the required funds for the clinical trials, and for the development and manufacturing of the device, it will take about two to three years to make it lighter and go to market."

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The good news is that researchers intend to make the Artificial Wearable Kidney lighter which was a common Dialysis patient complaint, and they still expect it to be available in only two or three years once the necessary funding is obtained. However, it is discouraging to learn that progress has stalled. Still, Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients should realize that progress continues to be made with the development of the Artificial Implantable Kidney (Human Trails are expected to begin in 2017), 3D Printed Kidney, and Kidney Rejuvenation. 

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