Artificial Implantable Kidney Is Beginning To Transition And Gear Up For Human Testing


© ALL CREDIT TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS. has committed to keeping Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients closely up-to-date about the Artificial Implantable Kidney as we get closer to Human Trials in the coming months. Today's news is especially promising for patients eager for the life-enhancing device.

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News from the Artificial Implantable Kidney Team confirms that they are inching closer to Human Trials beginning. It was asked, "What is the status of pre-clinical/pre-human testing?" The project manager stated that the Artificial Implantable Kidney Researchers are "in the midst (in the middle of) transitioning out of preclinical testing (animal testing) for the Hemofilter."

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What's more exciting is that the results from testing of the Hemofilter (a crucial and challenging aspect of the Artificial Implantable Kidney) have proven encouraging. "We have successfully implanted the Hemofilter component into large animal models for up to 1 month. The animals responded well, without serious complications," the team reported. 

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The trials are upcoming and the Research Team has announced that "We have collected enough preclinical data to apply for our first clinical trial and are waiting for approval for our first application." Trials are anticipated to conclude in 2020 or later so be sure to sign up for the Find A Kidney Donor Program (click here) while you are continuing to follow these very promising developments for the Artificial Implantable Kidney device.

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To be clear, the Hemofilter component of the Artificial Implantable Kidney will begin to be tested in selected Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients while preclinical testing for the Bioreactor component is still underway. In order to remain updated about additional breakthroughs, be sure to complete the below form:

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