Anger And Frustration Are Natural Feelings For CKD & Dialysis Patients



A regular visitor sent an email and said, "I love my husband, but he has such a bad attitude since starting Dialysis. He is always angry or frustrated about what seems like small things. What can I do?"

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Many people who have Chronic Kidney Disease, especially Dialysis patients, feel justifiably angry and frustrated. Many patients can feel trapped in their circumstances, cheated of a brighter future, constantly worried about their own mortality, and/or overall demoralized as well as depressed. Anger and frustration are normal, healthy emotions and Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients should not feel guilty about experiencing them, but if it is not handled  appropriately it can damage essential personal relationships and even a patient's health. 

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Fundamentally, angry feelings are the result of a perceived loss of control over your life including powerlessness to determine your diet, employment/income, medication regime, and physical and emotional reactions to Dialysis Treatments. While some consider anger to be a "bad" emotion, suppressed feelings are much worse. It is known to be a  leading cause of anxiety and depression. Eventually, you will have to let the "steam off" which may result in severe challenges.

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Hence, although expressing anger is better than keeping it in, anger should be expressed in an appropriate way. Outbursts of raw frustration are often counter-productive and can also be stressful on a patient's nervous and cardiovascular (leading contributor to death in the Chronic Kidney Disease Community) systems - making health problems worse. Use the following quick tips to safely manage periods of anger and frustration:

1. Take it easy: When your temper flares up, practice deep-breathing exercises, imagine a relaxing scene, or repeat a calming word or phrase, such as, "Take it easy." Do whatever it takes to encourage yourself to relax!

2. Gratitude: The idea that gratitude is good is nothing new. Most major religions consider gratitude a virtue, and we all grew up with parents and teachers reminding us, again and again, to say thank you. But recent research shows that gratitude can actually be good for Chronic Kidney Disease patients among others. “Studies show that people who are more grateful sleep better and have better immune function,” said Dr. Jennifer Whaley. In order to capture these great results try to focus on the things in your life that are going well, especially when something goes wrong.

3. Declutter: Since Chronic Kidney Disease patients often have less energy, things can get a bit cluttered in their lives. This can be annoying and frustrating because it is a constant reminder of limitations. Try to declutter the best you can. You do not have to pick up your entire house and clean out the garage. Even organizing a few papers, or cleaning out one section of a closet can feel extremely rewarding and put a patient in a more positive state as they reclaim a small portion of their life and ability.

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