All Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Should Start Each And Every Day The Right Way

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Having a healthy breakfast is important for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients to ensure that they have the energy to make it through the day. In fact, skipping breakfast, eating too much or too little and eating the wrong kinds of foods such as those filled with fats and sugars can leave CKD patients feeling groggy throughout their day.

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Natural cereals and whole grain brands are usually the best options in this regard since they provide you with the essential vitamins and minerals to start your day the right way. Oats are a good source of insoluble fiber and may help to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood. They also release energy slowly, making you feel fuller for longer. You can add a tablespoon of dried fruit (30 grams) for additional flavor. Whole grain breakfast cereals are a good source of fiber, which can again make you feel full. Choose a breakfast cereal that has been fortified with the right balance of vitamins and minerals for CKD patients. You can do this by simply checking the labels for mineral concentrations.

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If you are not a cereal fan, then try consuming a boiled egg with whole grain toast and a low fat spread. Eggs are  a good choice for CKD patients to maintain a healthy balanced diet. They are a good source of protein minerals and vitamins A, D and riboflavin (stimulates the metabolism and assists in the digestion and absorption of fats, carbohydrates and proteins). Although white bread also contains a range of vitamins and minerals it contains less fiber than wholegrain. You can also try grilled mushrooms and tomatoes as a quick and healthier way to cook breakfast.

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Starting your day without a good and healthy breakfast is like trying to build a house without laying a foundation, "You're going to over-consume or you're going to crash." Choosing high-glycemic foods such as Rice Crispies, waffles, muffins, or bagels will be digested very quickly, leaving you hungry, irritable, and craving more "junk food" which can easily disrupt your healthy renal diet.

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In general, you will want to identify foods that are high in fiber and protein because they are the ones that take longer to digest which will cause you to feel full. The recommended lean sources of protein and complex carbohydrates are among the best choices for CKD patients. Starting the morning with these breakfast ideas will help you eat healthier and lose or maintain your weight. Ask your dietician for more ideas and visit's Impact Meal for daily renal (diabetic approved) meal recommendations.

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