Background is a website dedicated to the members of the Kidney Disease Community, their family members and healthcare providers.  It is committed to increasing their survival rates, and improving the quality of their lives through useful news and information.


KidneyBuzz's senior management team has been intimately involved with the Kidney Community for the past thirteen (13) years.  Studies consistently show that online resources, including advice from peers, are a significant source of health information.  Specifically,

~ 89% of Internet users, and 59% of US adults seek online health information.

~ 64% of adults living with at least one chronic disease have Internet access.

~ 83% of them say they look online for health information.

Benefits from Advertising with KidneyBuzz

Clearly, the Internet has changed how people obtained their health information in particular, and because offers unique health information, it is easier for the Internet Search Engines to direct viewer traffic to it.

KidneyBuzz's management does not want to increase site  traffic simply for its sake, rather it understands that in order to keep the viewers returning regularly, the site experiences provided must be relevant to their lives.  In fact, KidneyBuzz intends to be the "go to" internet authority for the Kidney Community.   It is by developing that level of trust that KidneyBuzz will be rewarded with the viewers' loyalty which in turn will be usable to its advertising partners.

This market is often overlooked, and dismissed as, "living off Social Security checks, and are not computer savvy."   However that is a costly misconception because although demographically the vast majority (approximately 95%) are seniors and/or disabled,  they are from all socio-economic backgrounds, both male and female, and all races.  Seniors are a powerful potential purchasing population since they control 70% of the disposable income in the United States.


It may appear that taking a "shotgun" approach to marketing on the Internet may expose your business to more people, but by targeting the exclusive community on KidneyBuzz instead,  you will find only potential purchasers for your products and services.  The fact that the Kidney Community is cautious about who they do business with is also often overlooked.  Therefore to improve their chances, advertisers  who decide to do business with KidneyBuzz are encouraged to not only strive to satisfy these viewers, but also to gain their trust and loyalty for the long term.

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