Adding Tasty Cheese Alternatives Safely To Your Chronic Kidney Disease And Diabetic Diet

"What was the most difficult food you had to limit in order to abide by your recommended diet?," asked its Facebook Fans. What do you think the response was: Olives, tomatoes, whole grain breads? None of the above. Most people replied with one word, "CHEESE." Although cheese is generally approved as a healthy snack and an addition to meals for Diabetics, those with Chronic Kidney Disease must limit cheese in their renal diet due to concerns about large amounts of phosphorous. You may have similar diet restrictions. But, guess what? There are low phosphorus cheese alternatives!  

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In general choose fresh, low phosphorus (less than 110 mg per serving) cheese such as Brie, cream cheese, and low-fat cottage cheese instead of processed, high sodium and phosphorus (greater than 160 mg per serving) options like Velveeta or American. The 40 year old organization, Nephrology Physicians, lists the appropriately limited quantities of the healthier options of cheese as follows: Brie (1 oz); Cream Cheese (2 Tbsp); Feta Cheese (1 oz); Grated Parmesan Cheese (2 Tbsp); and Sour Cream (2 Tbsp). 

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Diabetics should also note that not every cheese is a worthwhile choice. Full-fat cheeses contain the same amount of protein, but far more saturated fat than low-fat and fat-free cheeses which can result in weight gain and related health complications. Hence low-fat cottage cheese, low-fat string cheese, and non-fat cheese options are healthier for Diabetics than cheeses that are not marked as being low-fat, non-fat or fat-free.

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Cheese is a common ingredient in many Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetic patients' favorite meals. By using only a small amount of the above listed low phosphorus cheese you do not have to cut cheese entirely out of your diet, and you do not have to risk your health to enjoy a dish with cheese. By using these tips, for once in life you CAN, "Have your cheese and eat it too!" Work with your Dietitian so you can serve meals which include the appropriate cheese with confidence, knowing that your recommended Renal or Diabetic Diet is not compromised in any way. Also, visit every-single-day for more Breaking News & Information about Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetes to help you better manage your life.

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