A New Way For Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Conducting Dialysis To Treat Anemia

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As dialysis patients, we all are familiar with low energy, fatigue, and weakness – the kind of anemia that saps us of our strength, making it difficult to get through each day. This occurs mostly because we lose iron at every hemodialysis treatment. Dialysis patients lose 5-7 milligrams of iron every time they get hemodialysis, from needle sticks, blood trapped in the blood lines and dialyzer and lab draws, among other things. This iron loss that occurs equals about 1 gram of iron every year, and it is the primary driver of the type of anemia dialysis patients suffer from.

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There has been nothing available to treat your constant iron loss resulting in anemia… until now with Triferic.   Triferic is FDA Approved to Replace Your Iron and Maintain Your Hemoglobin.

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Iron plays a critical role in maintaining your health because it helps make Hemoglobin. Hemoglobin carries oxygen to all parts of your body and gives you energy.  “So having our iron replaced every treatment during dialysis is essential, otherwise we don’t get enough oxygen and we lose energy”, says Flo Lewis, RN and Unit Director at the Maple Avenue Kidney Center.

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Triferic replaces the 5-7 milligram iron loss “real-time” while you are receiving dialysis treatment.  There are no needles and no metallic taste, and none of the typical adverse side effects that occur from IV iron like anaphylaxis or iron overload.  Triferic is a special iron that goes right to your bone marrow to make Hemoglobin; it does not get trapped in your liver or cause toxicity or increase infections or inflammation. Triferic works similar to how we get our iron the natural way – from food – and Triferic maintains your hemoglobin, providing more energy and helping us feel better.

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