A "Love Rap" To Chronic Kidney Disease Patients On Dialysis Sheds Important Light



A respected Nephrologist, Dr. Bruce Greenfield, has long had a reputation of going above and beyond for his patients and the Chronic Kidney Disease Community. His most recent effort, was sent directly to KidneyBuzz.com and employs his alter ego - Dr. G, the rapping Nephrologist - to deliver an important message to new and longterm Dialysis patients alike. His light-hearted, self-described "love rap for Dialysis patients with Kidney Failure," entitled "Dialysize," delivers a message of hope and sheds light on important issues within the Chronic Kidney Disease Community.

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First of all, seeing a Nephrologist try his hand at rapping is alone inspirational. The exercise immediately makes a Nephrologist like "Dr. G" more approachable and relatable to his patients. 

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That said, many patients will note that the rap highlights following a very strict diet or the worst may occur. This is not always the case. Patients can enjoy many of their favorite foods if they substitute the correct ingredients while working closely with their Dietitians and Nephrologists. Take a look at the KidneyBuzz.com Impact Meals section for a few ideas.

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Also, patients should see the video as an attempt to offer some levity  (humor) to a serious situation of which Dr. Greenfield - a 20-year Nephrologist - is all too aware. It is clear that with the pain, time on treatment, limited diets, low energy levels, emotional toll, and other side effects associated with treatment, that Dialysis is very difficult and life-changing for most patients. However, Dr. Greenfield does shed light on a few important points which patients can use to improve outcomes including the following:

1.) Learn: By learning more about Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis, including the latest breakthroughs, most current best practices, and nutrition insights, patients can discuss ways that they may improve their health outcomes with their Healthcare Teams. KidneyBuzz.com is a great resource that teaches those with Chronic Kidney Disease, Dialysis, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and Kidney Transplant how to better manage and improve their lives.

2.) Be Open: If patients are open with their Nephrologists and Healthcare Team about their questions and concerns it can help them get the answers that they need to know. Hence, write your questions down or new information you would like to share and discuss so you do not forget once you are speaking with a member of your Healthcare Team.

3.) Develop A Personalized Care Plan: Dr. G does a great job outlining the overall dietary restrictions for the Renal and/or Diabetic diets. However, many patients often find a strict Renal diet too restrictive. Therefore, identify your favorite dishes that you would like to enjoy. Write them down and share them with your Dietitian. Ask him/her to help you identify the best recipes which would meet your diet. Take a similar tact with your Nephrologist and other members of your Healthcare Team if something is not working well for you. Work with them to address the issue and improve your results and quality of life. This should include diet, exercise, medication, weight management, and blood pressure monitoring.

4.) Check In Regularly: Attempt to schedule and meet with your Nephrologist regularly. Try to avoid overlooking routine vaccinations, cancer screenings, breast exams, prostate checks, and other recommended procedures.

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Fundamentally, KidneyBuzz.com believes that the "love rap" is an admirable attempt to connect and engage with Chronic Kidney Disease patients conducting Dialysis - an example that we hope more Nephrologists emulate. 

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