A Living Will is Preferable for the Loved Ones and for the Caregivers

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Many caregivers have loved ones reaching the end of their lives.  Some of them know what their loved ones want when they reach the end, but many of them have not had this discussion with their family members.  It's hard for the caregiver and the loved on.

One of the most important decisions we can make in advance is whether or not we want to prolong life artificially when we are at an end stage of life.  We can make this decision legal and binding if we have a Living Will. 

A properly drafted Living Will states your advance directive about whether you want to prolong life after your doctors have determined that there is no probability of recovery.  This applies when you are in a terminal condition, vegetative state, or end-stage condition.  A properly drafted Living Will should also direct whether or not you desire a feeding tube or hydration to keep you comfortable.

Yes, these are all wrenching decisions, but without a Living Will, the health care system cannot "pull the plug." For the loved ones and for the caregivers it is much more preferable to make your wishes known by having an appropriate Living Will. 

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