A Heart Felt Story: How CKD Patient's Family Obtains Donor Kidney From Total Stranger

Do not lose the hope that one day you will find you selfless living kidney donor to get off of dialysis and back to your normal life. The sad fact is that unless you are sharing your story with a wider-and-wider audience of people, then the chances of you getting a call for a deceased donor are growing slimmer by the month due to massive demand for kidneys, rule changes which appear to favor younger patients, and a decreasing supply of deceased donor kidneys.

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What's more, there are over 123,000 Chronic Kidney Disease patients in the United States who are currently waiting on the Kidney Transplant List, according to the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS). The average wait time is in many parts of the country in excess of 7-years with many on the list for much longer. Another shocking statistic is that a staggering 12 people die each day while waiting for a life-saving kidney transplant. Hence, when KidneyBuzz.com learns of a simple way which a Chronic Kidney Disease (Stage 5) patient was able to spur, "hundreds of people to offer to help," we consider this headline news. Would you agree?

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Raleigh Callaway, his wife Kristi, and small daughters took a simple picture together with a sign saying, "Our daddy needs a kidney!" Yes, that is it. Raleigh took this image posted it on his Facebook Page and incorporated it into a larger campaign which he used to share his story with others. 

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Here is one of the most interesting aspects of this entire story: The image went viral (popular through the process of internet sharing) and hundreds of thousands of willing donors started outreaching to Raleigh. Chris Carroll, who ultimately donated to Mr. Callaway said that, "When I saw Raleigh's story, saw pictures of the girls and everything, and it hit me...I mean, it's like if my own dad needed a kidney -- that's how strongly I felt," according to the Huffington Post. 

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This is what should be the most inspirational takeaway, Friends. It is simply that one instance when a potential donor on Facebook connects with you, and your story that could make all the difference in receiving a Living Kidney Donation from a complete stranger. Doesn't that offer a great deal of hope?

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If you are of the mindset, "That will never happen for me, or my loved one," then you should know that Raleigh's success is a part of a positive trend in which individuals have successfully connected with potential living Kidney Donors right on Facebook.  This includes Eddie Beatrice (independently found Kidney Donor within 90 minutes on Facebook), and Chronic Kidney Disease patients who have worked with KidneyBuzz.com to develop and launch their own "Find A Kidney Donor" Facebook Campaigns. 

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Thus, Friends, it is critically important to get your story out there! Not in a passive way, but actively share your need for a Kidney Transplant and let others know how they can help. No longer do you have to only wait on the ever-growing Kidney Transplant List. Now YOU too can take direct action, and like Raleigh Callaway, connect with your potential Living Kidney Donor. 

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If you would like help creating and launching your Find A Kidney Donor Facebook Campaign, feel free to outreach and let KidneyBuzz.com know so that we can assist you with your campaign (http://www.kidneybuzz.com/find-a-kidney-donor-campaign/). Also, visit KidneyBuzz.com daily for more breaking news and information which Chronic Kidney Disease and Diabetic patients can use in real-time to better manage their lives. 

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