A Healthcare Scare Turns To Victory For Chronic Kidney Disease And Dialysis Patients




With the cancellation of a vote in the Senate on the Graham-Cassidy proposal, we at KidneyBuzz.com want to first and foremost thank you for your hard work. All the phone calls, protests, vigils, town halls, and other actions of people like you made the difference in this debate and pulled us back from the brink of what would have been a devastating bill.

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The Graham-Cassidy was the most recent attempt by the Republican-led Congress to replace the Affordable Care Act, and it would have been disasterous for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients - especially those on Dialysis and who have a Kidney Transplant. Thankfully, with your continued petitioning, KidneyBuzz.com was able to join many groups in the Chronic Kidney Disease Community to speak out against the bill which helped its ultimate defeat. That said, the fight is not over and patients must remain alert. Sign the below petition to urge Congress to provide Chronic Kidney Disease, Dialysis, and Kidney Transplant patients the funding they need to lead a higher quality life. Also, sign the petition to support additional funding for research and breakthroughs like the Artificial Implantable Kidney as well as Kidney Regeneration.

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"The Graham-Cassidy bill is awful, taking away protections for pre-existing conditions and essential services⁠," according to Forbes News. More specifically, stark cuts to Medicaid funding were expected to particularly hurt the poor, children and the disabled patients such as the over 600,000 individuals with Kidney Failure - including those on Dialysis.

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For instance, Graham-Cassidy would needlessly make becoming a Living Kidney Donor a problem, resulting in the donor either being classified as having a pre-existing condition that would either raise their insurance rate considerably or make them altogether uninsurable. Also, under Graham-Cassidy, Medicaid will be cut which would make having a Kidney Transplant unaffordable for most.

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What is even worse, is that the Graham-Cassidy legislation could have made Dialysis more expensive for patients directly by setting lifetime caps on insurance coverage and cutting funding. 

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While the defeat of Graham-Cassidy is assuring, it highlights the need for Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients to remain alert, active and advocate for their needs. Sign the below petition to make sure that Congress gets it right and passes legislation that supports Chronic Kidney Disease, Dialysis, and Kidney Transplant patients ability to lead longer and higher quality lives:

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I support legislation that helps Chronic Kidney Disease, Dialysis, and Kidney Transplant patients lead longer better lives. This includes increasing research funding the Artificial Implantable Kidney, Kidney Regeneration, and other breakthroughs. *
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What are your thoughts of Graham-Cassidy? Share your story and tell us how this legislation would have impacted your life. What should go into future healthcare legislation that can help Chronic Kidney Disease, Dialysis and Kidney Transplant patients?

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