A Gift Guide For Chronic Kidney Disease Patient Especially Those Who Are On Dialysis



Birthdays, Holidays, and other special occasions should be a joyous time.  An unfortunate reality, however, is that it can be difficult for Dialysis patients as well as their loved ones who struggle to find gifts which best suite them. Most would agree that a great gift would be crafted specifically for Dialysis Patients and take into account their special Dialysis needs. However, in the past identifying such gifts has been a challenge? Not anymore! The following quick reference guide is the perfect resource for anyone looking for a gift for a Chronic Kidney Disease patient as well as a great way for an existing Chronic Kidney Disease patient to make his/her "Wish List." 

  1. BLANKET - A Chronic Kidney Disease Tailored Blanket is perfect to offer a patient for warmth as well as a personalized touch. This is especially great for Chronic Kidney Disease patients who conduct Dialysis because they must contend with cold treatment centers. While the colder temperatures are necessary sanitary measures, they can become very difficult to stand especially at the end of Dialysis. If you know how to knit or crochet very well then making a blanket may not be a large challenge. However, if you would like an already made blanket try Amazon.com. You can also contact KidneyBuzz.com for insights and suggestions about specific types of blankets for dialysis patients.

  2. PILLOW - If you or your loved ones are on Dialysis then you know that patients spend 3.5 to 4 hours sitting in a chair conducting their treatments. Even the most comfortable chair can become uncomfortable given that long period of sitting. A "Butt Pillow" will offer support and an extra cushion so patients do not leave their treatments stiff, sore or in unnecessary pain. "Butt Pillows" vary depending on size, shape and materials. Email KidneyBuzz.com (contact@kidneybuzz.com) to provide an even more personalized touch with suggested pillow options.

  3. DIALYSIS ARM SLEEVE - Perfect for Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients with an AV Fistula in their bicep or forearm (above the wrist). The Dialysis Arm Sleeves helps to limit harmful infections (causing Fistula Failure, Sepsis, C. Diff, Aneurysms, and more), bleedouts, and cover the Fistula so that it is more discrete. Offered as a single sleeve, 3 pack, and 5 pack - click here to check out the sleeves.

  4. HAT: Most Chronic Kidney Disease patients frequently suffer with low immune systems. During the Winter, individuals lose up to 30% of their body heat through their heads. Hence, help yourselves or your loved ones avoid the Common Cold or Flu by giving them a hat to keep their heads warm. 

  5. SHOWER SHIRT- Often Dialysis patients must have a Chest Catheter to begin their treatments as they await their AV Fistula to mature. In order to reduce the risk of infection. Nephrologists routinely instruct patients NOT to shower without protection. The ability to bathe appropriately can reduce stress and anxiety for patients, while also reducing the risk of infection and even death. The Shower Shirt can be a perfect gift to yourself or a loved one who has Chronic Kidney Disease (click here). 

  6. FISTULA PROTECTOR WRISTBAND - Dialysis patients' AV Fistulas are also referred to as their Lifeline because they are the only way for them to receive their Dialysis Treatments. Protect your Lifeline or the Lifeline of a loved one with the Fistula Protector Wristband. At just $20.00 for five (5) bands in one set, they are a great, reasonably priced gift for any occasion. EMTs, Lab Techs and Nurses across the country are looking for these specific bands to protect patients' Lifelines (click here).

  7. DIALYSIS PATIENTS' RIGHTS BOOK - The Dialysis Patients' Rights offer Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients a tool to combat poor treatment, improve outcomes, effectively enact change at their centers, promptly correct issues without having to be confrontational. The book will show you not only what to do but also how to do it. If you read, apply, and refer back to the critical insights and techniques revealed here, it will help to improve dialysis treatments, decrease issues with your Healthcare Team, increase success on dialysis, and allow patients to lead a higher quality of life (click here).

  8. OTHER FUN GIFTS - It is said that laughter is the best medicine so enjoy a host of other fun gifts which you would like to get for yourself or the Dialysis patient in your life. If you are thinking of a Chronic Kidney Disease tailored gift but cannot find it ANYWHERE, contact the KidneyBuzz.com Team at (949) 715-8788 or email contact@kidneybuzz.com and we will serve as your own personal concierge and attempt to identify the product for you - saving you time and money. 

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