A Center That Conducts Transplants Regardless of Age and Even Blood Compatibility?

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Many will be surprised to find that at Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Transplant Center age and blood type are not limiting factors for donating or receiving a kidney if you are healthy enough. Often, Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients who desire a kidney transplant have someone in their life that is willing to serve as a Living Donor. However, they are unable to because either the Living Donor or Recipient is considered too old for a viable transplant or they have incompatible blood/tissue matches.

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Potential Recipients and their Living Donors should have compatible tissue and blood types because if blood and tissue do not match then your Kidney Transplant will fail. For some patients that would mean that they would have to identify another Living Donor or seek other options. Fortunately at Johns Hopkins Transplant Center a patient with a Living Donor who does not have a matching blood type can still receive a Kidney Transplant. With the center's pioneered method of plasmapheresis, they can remove harmful antibodies from a kidney prior to your transplant to prevent your body from attacking and rejecting the new kidney. Incompatible Living Donors and Recipients may be interested in other options offered through the Johns Hopkins Incompatible Kidney Transplant Program including the Positive Cross-matching and Sensitizing or Paired Kidney Exchange.

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Many transplant centers will turn away Living Donors and Recipients on the basis of their age, but at Hopkins Transplant Center age is not a limiting factor for donating or receiving a Kidney. A women notes that after extensive evaluation, "At 69, I was pronounced healthy enough to donate a kidney, which is now functioning well in my husband," who otherwise would have had to face a "long time" on the Kidney Transplant Waiting List. She notes that even with her advanced age, it was a "very easy" surgery and she was back to normal activity within two days. Studies are showing that older recipients of kidneys have as good a chance for kidney survival as those who are younger, even if they get their kidney from an older donor. These positive results can likely be attributed to new, more advanced ways of matching  and caring for donor kidneys.

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KidneyBuzz.com  does not support one Kidney Transplant Center over another. However, bringing the unique ability of Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Transplant Center which offers Kidney Transplants regardless of age and compatibility to your attention will hopefully allow you to understand your growing Living Donor options. Perhaps there is a Transplant Center in your region that will conduct your Kidney Transplant given the same barriers. But if you run into complications with your Living Donor due to age or compatibility do not be discouraged or give up because you may still have other options  available to you.

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