8 Celebrities You Probably Did Not Know Received Kidney Transplants Which Are Still Functioning

Friends, one thing is clear - Chronic Kidney Disease is menacing and it does not discriminate based upon race, gender, economics or social standing. When it attacks, Chronic Kidney Disease does so swiftly and with immediate devastation to your health as well as lasting and significant disruption to your life. 

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What you should remember, however, is that whether you consider yourself to be an "Average Joe," a well known celebrity, or somewhere in between, Chronic Kidney Disease does NOT care! It hits everyone regardless, and it is for that reason everyone with Chronic Kidney Disease along with their loved ones join together to form what is widely known as the "Chronic Kidney Disease Community." 

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Here are a few examples of celebrities from our community who have successfully received a Kidney Transplant and were able to keep it functioning for many years. They can serve as a source of inspiration for those with Chronic Kidney Disease who also desire a Kidney Transplant regardless of race, age, or gender.


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