4 Ways Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis Patients Can Keep Their Holidays Stress-Free



Most Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients have a hard time keeping up or even partaking in the holiday season. Dinners, holiday parties, cookie baking, shopping, traveling…"Tis one of the busiest and most stressful times of the year!," according to Kaiser Permanente (integrated managed care consortium). For Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis patients the holidays can be quite overwhelming and cause stress, anxiety, frustration, depression, and even impact personal relationships. However, don't worry! KidneyBuzz.com has developed a list to help you ditch any anxiety you may have so you can better enjoy the festivities of the holidays . Here are four (4) ways you can ease your mind and stay healthy as you prepare for Thanksgiving, Christmas or other gatherings.

1. Get your flu shot: Being sick is bad news — especially when you’re celebrating the holidays with your family. Flu shots are safe and proven to protect you against the flu. In fact, Hemodialysis patients who skipped the Influenza (Flu) Vaccine were significantly more likely to be hospitalized than those who were vaccinated, according to Fresenius Medical Care. 
2. Sneak in fitness: Even very light workouts (short walks, leg lifts, etc.) help beat stress, boost energy, and burn the extra calories you are eating to make Dialysis Treatments more manageable. If you can’t find time to do 20 minutes of exercise, do two 10-minute or four 5-minute mini workouts. You’ll get the same health benefits.

3. Choose wisely: High potassium and phosphorus foods rule the holidays. Try to avoid foods outside of your diet by making a tasty KidneyBuzz.com Impact Meal which meets the Renal and Diabetic diet restrictions and share it with your family and friends (click here). Also, reach for foods low in potassium and phosphorus such as cauliflower, string beans, cranberries, apples, cabbage, chicken, turkey, lean pork, and fish. 
4. Tell friends and family in advance: The holiday season means parties galore with often times lots of commitments. It is okay to let your family and friends know to expect you, but also inform them that you may have to cancel (even at the last minute) if you are not feeling well. Remember, they want you to be successful with your health. Hence, do not push yourself to the point of exhaustion - your loved ones will understand.

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