What The Health?: Interesting And Fun Facts That Everyone With Chronic Kidney Disease Should Know

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There are some things many people with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) never think about, like how things work inside and around their bodies and what it is capable of. For example, would you be surprised to find out that Kidney and Urinary Tract Diseases are one of the major causes of work-loss among men and women? Or that dogs can be trained to sniff out the scent of ovarian, lung, and bladder cancers that have few symptoms in their early and most treatable stage? Well it is all true! Here are some more interesting and fun facts that all CKD patients should know to varying degrees.

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  • Based on 2008 figures by the United Network of Organ Sharing (UNOS), there are more people waiting for a Kidney Transplant (76,060) in the United States than for a Liver (16,297), Heart (2,602), Kidney-Pancreas (2,280), Lung (2099), Pancreas (1,617), Intestine (230) and Heart-Lung (101) Transplant combined.
  • Women have a better sense of smell than men.
  • The lifespan of a tastebud is ten days.
  • Quick naps not only improve your alertness, but they also help in decision making, creativity and sensory perception.
  • Staying awake for 17 hours is the same for your body as drinking two glasses of wine.
  • It takes twice as long to lose muscle if you stop working out than it did to gain it.
  • When you take a single step, you are using up to 200 muscles.
  • Poor eyesight is associated with higher IQ.
  • If you are cold then you are more likely to be hungry because you use energy to keep warm.
  • A human being loses an average of 40 to 100 strands of hair each day.
  • Scientists estimate that laughing 100 times is equivalent to a 10 minute workout.
  • Similarly, laughing for 10 to 15 minutes increases your heart rate by 10%-20%, which means that you can burn an extra 10 to 40 calories a day. Over a year, that can add up to a four pound weight loss.
  • Consuming chocolate was once considered a sin during the 16th and 17th century. It is funny how some things never change.

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"Fun Facts" have been commonly known as an effective tool to maximize health, but what is less known is that they can also enhance Health Education. KidneyBuzz.com would welcome you sharing any additional Fun Facts in the comment box below or on Facebook. 

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