Nutritious Foods Help CKD Increase Metabolism, Maintain Weight, and Reduce Risk of Heart Attack


Many with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) are above their recommended and desired weight and want to lose their excess pounds according to a study by the International Journal of Obesity. Due to mobility issues, tiredness, and other underlying factors the CKD population does not meet the minimum recommended physical activity goals in general. The study further found that many were utilizing weight loss methods that may be harmful to their overall health including, 8% of CKD participants utilizing medications to encourage weight loss.

If you are attempting to lose weight, increasing your metabolic rate can assist in this effort without cutting calories or drastically altering your renal diet. The commercialism surrounding "metabolism-enhancing products" has made it difficult to separate fact from fiction. While there are no short cuts to losing weight, there are some things you can do to boost your metabolism.

Exercising regularly and getting plenty of sleep are two of the best things you can do. However, these are often the most challenging methods of weight loss for those with CKD because they suffer with lack energy and sleeping disorders such as anemia and restless leg syndrome. Below are some foods that are known to help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and maintain weight by speeding up your metabolism:

  1. Hot Pepper - Jalapeno, habanera, and other forms of peppers directly boost metabolism and circulation as well as reduce cravings for food.
  2. Soups - A Penn State University study found that soup offered an appetite reduction of liquids and solid foods.
  3. Apples and Pears - Studies show that consumption of three small apples or pears daily will help boost metabolism and increase weight loss.
  4. Spices - From cayenne to garlic to cinnamon, spices are one of the best ways you can keep your metabolic rate high. Especially speedy are pungent spices such as black pepper, mustard seeds, powdered onion, and ginger.
  5. Omega-3 - Eating foods that are high in Omega-3 fatty acids such as fish is a great way to boost your metabolism and maintain a balanced protein intake.

These foods are full of nutrients that speed up metabolism and offers long-lasting energy without the spikes associated with sugar-rich foods. suggests that you discuss any changes to your  treatment plan with your dietitian before implementing them.  

Reference: "Many Obese With CKD Want to Lose Weight." MPR

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