Take Action And Contact Your Clinic About Triferic To Better Treat Anemia, Low Energy Levels, And Avoid Liver Complications.




Triferic may be the solution to low energy levels, common side effects associated with Anemia (a condition where your body is not making enough red blood cells and causes severe fatigue, weakness, dizziness, lightheadedness, abnormal heartbeat,  brittle nails, headache, skin paleness, and shortness of breath), and life-threatening iron overload (can poison organs, which can lead to conditions such as cancer, irregular heartbeat, and cirrhosis of the liver) as well as toxicity associated with IV iron. Print the below downloadable three-page handout to share with your Dialysis Nurse and Nephrologist formally requesting that they investigate using Triferic as opposed to the current inferior IV Iron treatment so that you may lead a more fulfilling, higher quality, and potentially longer life.

You deserve to lead a more fulfilling, higher quality life by using Triferic. Let’s get the community involved! Share this information via Facebook, Twitter, Email, and word-of-mouth so that other patients may request Triferic at their Dialysis Centers.

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Take a look at what a patient had to say about her experience with Triferic by clicking the following link >>> https://youtu.be/o_VlXVkoomk. Also, click here to download the Triferic Patient Brochure for more information about this groundbreaking drug.

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